Events: December 2019 — January 2020

Saturday 14th December

A very busy month for us all, so just one event: The wonderful Red Lion, Eaton, Norwich NR4 7LD. Let's all celebrate Christmas! choose from the standard (lovely) menu. Meet at 6.30pm. Please note: I need your booking by 7th December please.

Saturday 4th January

Going Indian at the lovely Rishi, Mousehold Lane, Norwich NR7 8HE. Meet at the entrance at 7pm.

Sunday 12th January

Lunch at The Chestnut Tree, Reepham Road (at the roundabout) NR6 5QA. Meet at the entrance at 12.30pm.

Saturday 25th January

The wonderful Red Lion, Eaton NR4 7 LD. Meet at the entrance or Bar at 7pm.

Here is wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year, with lots of fun amongst friends.

With my love and all best wishes, Mag.s